With Our Blood

With Our Blood is a movement to mobilize GBT2Q* people and allies against Canada’s discriminatory blood donation ban.

gay, bi, trans, Two-Spirit, and queer
With Our Blood

Currently, the ban requires complete sexual abstinence with same-sex partners for 3 months before a GBT2Q person can donate blood. Denying an act of altruism based on your gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation is simply wrong!

Especially when the scientific community confirms that a change is possible.

We fight
for equality

With Our Blood

We save
more lives

Our approach

We ask you to take a pledge of solidarity to become a donor of blood, plasma or any other human biological products as soon as the restriction is lifted. Period.

Our goal

To quantify the contribution that the GBT2Q communities could have in the supply of human biological products to convince Health Canada to change their policies once and for all.

Because yes, GBT2Q people are PART of the solution! Because yes, GBT2Q people are PART of the solution!

Our requests

By signing this solidarity pledge you will contribute to:

With Our Blood

With Our Blood recognizes the incredible and necessary work of frontline workers at blood agencies and as a community, we look forward to contributing to supply efforts.

Get Involved!

By signing the solidarity pledge form, I confirm my intention to become a donor of human biological products (blood, plasma, others) following the withdrawal of the 3-month ban.

Also, I support the requests of With Our Blood aimed at Héma-Québec, the Canadian Blood Services, and the Federal Government to apologize publicly for their discriminatory policies, to set up awareness campaigns aimed at undoing stereotypes in the Canadian population, and to transform the board of directors and senior management to ensure diverse representation.

With Our Blood

Raise your

With Our Blood proudly endorses the All Blood is Equal Campaign and invites you to use their email platform to demand change from elected officials and federal decision makers.

We believe that by joining forces, we have a greater chance to effect change!



In bad

With Our Blood recognizes that Héma-Québec, Canadian Blood Services, and Health Canada by perpetuating systemic discrimination has fueled racism against the black community, represented men who have sex with men as deviant, amplified gender inequalities for trans people, stigmatized sex workers, and much more.

It's time to tell you another side of the story.

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Time to debunk
some myths

We still hear things like: "HIV is a homosexual’s disease:” “it affects drug addicts;” “it’s rare for straight people;” “when you get it you’re done …"

Over time, a multitude of false truths has been perpetuated by Héma-Québec, Canadian Blood Services, Health Canada, the media, and many more.

Let's sort this out.

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Far Beyond

Héma-Québec and Canadian Blood Services, as well as their sister organizations almost entirely manage the supply of human biological products in Canada.

While the blood supply remains the most publicized, the needs are more complex and manifold than one might think.

Find out what removing the ban for GBT2Q could improve.

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The funds raised from the sale of With Our Blood products will be used primarily for two purposes.

The first, to increase the visibility of the project in the media in order to publicize our requests. The second, to cover the costs surrounding the activities of the NPO, from legal incorporation to the management and development of other structuring projects.

With Our Blood
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