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Recognizing progress is one thing.
Questioning it is another.

The history of Héma-Québec and Canadian Blood Services is tainted by inconsistencies and systemic discrimination. With Our Blood dug deeper to make sure you got the full picture.

We know it's shocking, but it needs to be said loud and clear.

With Our Blood

Relations between men considered problematic since 1998.

To better discriminate against trans people since 2016.

In 2016, Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec set up a new screening process for trans people which assess them according to their sex assigned at birth.?

As a result, trans women who have sex with men and who have not had any lower gender-affirming genital surgery procedure(s) cannot donate blood.

The reverse is also true, a trans man who has undergone lower gender-affirming genital surgery procedure(s) and has sex with men then becomes unfit to give.

What you
should know!

A problematic process on all fronts!

  • Not all trans people want to have lower gender-affirming genital surgery procedure(s).
  • Not all trans people can pay all the costs associated with lower gender-affirming genital surgery procedure(s).
  • Certain health predispositions may prevent a trans person from having lower gender-affirming genital surgery procedure(s).

Permitting the Black African community just when it suits them.

Sex workers presumed sick since 1977?!

Here is the question asked by Canadian Blood Services to exclude sex workers: “Since 1977, have you accepted money or drugs in exchange for sex? ".?
What you
should know!

Red Flag! Red Flag! Red Flag!

In other words, they say that a sex worker can live with an infection for over 40 years, without the warning signs or tests to diagnose it ... No science can support such absurdity!

Above all, sex workers are once again labelled with unbridled and unprotected sexuality. Let's ask them rather than insinuate it!

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